Daisy Duke


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SEX: Female

AGE: 9 years




GOOD WITH CHILDREN: Adult only home – no children


Hi everyone my name is Daisy Duke. My friends call me Double D or DD.

I was in a real sorry state when I first came to senior Staffy club. Covered in open sores with really bad skin infections and ear issues too. I also had a tumour removed from my side but that ended up being OK thankfully and I have healed up very well.

Prior to coming to SSC I had lived in a back garden all my life! So I didn’t know much about being in a home or being loved either. But I spent some time with our behaviourist Charlene where I learnt lots and since then my frosty Mommy has been working really hard with me and she has taught me sooooo much. I quickly learnt to be clean in the house , I have the odd accident but frosty mum says I’m a very smart girl.

I walk well on my lead and harness now and love sniffings….I only pull on my lead now if I see something I’m not sure about. My frostie said I’m a perfect house guest. I love my sleep and can sleep for 12 hours so don’t worry about me waking you up in the night. Sometimes frosty has to wake me up for breakfast at 11am ! Sleepy monkey!

I adore my frostie mom and she adores me too but I need a new foster or furever home ASAP as my frostie is moving house and can’t take me with her sadly. I love being around people , I want to sit with you and sometimes bring my favourite ball for a play , but I mostly love snoozes and just knowing someone is there.

I don’t really like dogs or cats. I will pass them ok if there’s enough space but if they get too close to me they will scare me and I will pull and bark. Children worry me a bit too. I stare at them and get a little uncomfortable until they’re a good distance away again. Because I didn’t leave the garden for sooo long … I’m not used to things like footballs and skateboards and would definitely chase them if I was allowed! So I need to be kept on lead.

I love adults though and happy to have a fuss in the street or to have visitors to my home. I like to sit and give paw for treats , and know what ‘ gently’ means. I have also learnt ‘budge up’ when I pinch frostie mums spot on the sofa.

I’m fine to be left for a few hours. I am not destructive in the home at all. However I do have to have my cone of shame on to ensure I don’t nibble my legs and make them sore again.

I like going in the car …Although I may sing and pant a little…I’m just excited about new adventures.

I love playing with my toys, balls are my favourite …I would really love a garden that I can play in this time. I have stuffed Kongs for supper. My teddies don’t last very long …I rip them up in true staffy style but I’ve never eaten anything in the house that isn’t mine. And boy do I love a bum scratch. I back right into you for them!

All my skin infections and ears have cleared up now but you should know that I may be prone to them. Please call Charlene should you need to know anymore about that side of things. At the moment I still have tablets every day and ear cleaning drops once a week. I will let you put my muzzle , on to administer those no probs. Cuz I’m not too keen on it. Although I’ve got more used to it now.

Love and sleepy cuddles

Daisy Duke will be neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Though currently in foster the Worcester area, she can be rehomed anywhere in the UK, pending a successful home visit. However, any adopter should be willing to travel to meet her where she is now.

There is an adoption donation of £90 for Daisey Duke and all money donated goes directly to helping all the Senior Staffies in our care.

If you have any questions about Daisy Duke please use the form at our Contact Us page otherwise if you think you could offer her a new home once she is ready, please fill out the online Adoption Application Form.

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