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SEX: Male

AGE: 10 years

LOCATION: In foster in Stafford

CHILDREN: 12 years plus

DOGS: Needs to be an only dog in the home – outside can be choosy



Fletch came into Senior Staffy Club care due to his owner being made homeless which meant he was no longer able to care for him. Fletch had been in his owners care prior to this since he was a pup Unfortunately Fletch had a disruptive few months before he came to us as he was placed in temporary homes whilst his owner tried his best to find a way to be able to keep him. Sadly the owner was unable to resolve his homing issue and so had to make the hard decision to let Fletch go in order that Fletch could find a settled new home


Fletch is currently in a foster home. When first arriving in the home Fletch was quite stressed as he had struggled in kennels. He quickly settled in though and this is what his foster carer says about him: “Fletch is a very loving boy who is eager to please. He is obedient. He is house trained, and now asks to go out when he needs to. He will stay off furniture if he is told to and only gets up when asked. He has not picked up anything off the floor that isn’t his, he only picks up his own toys. Fletch loves his Kong and his Nylabone, and will let you throw the Kong for as long as you are happy to! He isn’t keen on giving it up though in order for you to throw it but will eventually leave it. He can snatch the toy at times when you go to pick it up but he has now learnt to sit and leave it.

Fletch sleeps well at night. At the moment he has his own bed in our bedroom and once he has his goodnight treat and is tucked in you don’t hear from him till the morning. Although he is 10 Fletch is a very lively boy and can sometimes be a little over enthusiastic with his kisses. When he first meets someone he can be exciteable and can sometimes mouth, very briefly, but that soon stops. We tell visitors not to fuss him until he has calmed down a little and then he is fine. He likes to sit next to you of an evening, but he is also happy to do his own thing when you are around and isn’t clingy.

We are slowly building up time Fletch is being left in the house. When we have both been outside in the garden he has been ok for 15/20 minutes on his own. He has been tried in a large crate for a brief period ..he was ok whilst he had his treat filled Kong and Dentastix but then barked. He will need time to settle and patience in building up leaving time in a new home.Food is the love of his life followed a close second by his beloved kong. To sum Fletch up as a character he is loving, enthusiastic, eager to please, and led by his his love of food…which makes training easier!”



When he was in kennels, because he was stressed Fletch would sometimes rag his lead and jump up to get the handle, however since being in his foster home he has not done this at all. He will sit to have his harness and lead on and walks nicely on the lead with only the occasional pull when something interests him. Fletch will walk past other dogs on the other side of the road with no issues and is happy to stand in an area with other dogs as long as there is some space, and the other dogs are not bothering him. Fletch can react to dogs if they get too close for him or if they pay him a bit of attention such as stare at him. Then he will bark and pull towards the other dog, but as Fletch is not a large dog (18kg) he is easy to move away and with his love of treats easy to distract onto something that is far more important to him…food!

Fletch is not a dog that could be let off lead or be in an area with off lead dogs. He does love his walks though and can’t wait to go out for as long as you like! We have taken Fletch on a day out to Attingham Park where there were a lot of other on lead dogs, he did bark at one Husky he saw but was quickly distracted from it, other than that he was fine as long as distance was kept. He sat happily watching all the dogs at the cafe and court yard coming and going from his bench in the corner.


Fletch is getting used to travelling in the car and will sit on the back seat in his harness, he doesn’t bark or ‘sing’ but is sometimes agitated. At the present time one of us sits next to him and he will be ok and after his day out he fell fast asleep on his way home. Over time he should be able to be left to sit on his own but this may need a little work.


As he can react to certain dogs a crowded waiting room isn’t best for him but he can be taken straight through without much fuss. He is happy to be examined and has been described by the vet as a good boy.


Fletch came into the rescues care with a cough that he had had for a few months and for which he was on steroids but with no diagnosis. The cough wasn’t apparent at the kennels but In the foster home It became more noticeable. Fletch therefore had an X-ray to investigate the cause and he has been diagnosed with Bronchitis. This cannot be cured but is easily managed with steroids. Fletch takes two a day at the moment and currently has no cough. The dosage will vary over time, hopefully to lower doses , but higher if it flares up. Managed like this the condition will not impact Fletch significantly. It certainly doesn’t slow him down chasing his Kong! Fletch has also had a small cyst removed from his back leg which was benign.


Fletch needs:

  • A calm, steady, quiet home, where he won’t be left for long periods.
  • As he can be quite exciteable and mouth a little at first older children would be best, 12 years plus.
  • A dog experienced home.

Fletch isn’t a difficult dog at all, but he can need reassurance and guidance, so an owner who has the experience to calmly build his confidence would be of benefit.People who don’t mind the occasional face wash from Fletch!


Fletch is fully vaccinated, and is neutered. He is in foster in the Stafford area. He can be rehomed anywhere in the UK but any potential adopter must be prepared to visit Fletch where he is now, preferably twice, so he can get to know you first. There is an adoption fee of £90 for Fletch

If you think you could offer Fletch a new home, please click the panel under to complete an application form.

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