Fosterer: The Job

Thank you for considering fostering a Senior Staffy. Fostering an animal is a wonderful and rewarding experience. Taking an animal into your home, caring for them and watching them become healthy and happy gives you a very special feeling. The volunteer role of a fosterer is a crucial one and can make a huge difference to the rehabilitation of a Senior Staffy and their chances of finding their forever family.

What you will be doing:

  • Caring for a senior staffy in your own home until they can be adopted by their new forever family (they might be recuperating from operations, or cannot cope with kennel life)
  • You will be providing all the care they need – feeding, exercising, cleaning, socialising, giving medication and grooming
  • Be home most of the day or where you work full time make arrangements for someone responsible to visit the home after 4 hours to spend a little time with the dog and let them out for a break
  • Keep track of veterinary appointments and take the dog to the vet where required
  • Providing your key worker with information about the dog such as their personality, likes/dislikes, how they have settled in a home environment and provide photographs to enable us to promote the dog for rehoming
  • Report to your key worker any issues with behaviour and health and work with the key worker to help with the situation
  • Allow potential adopters to visit the dog in your home (subject to prior arrangements being made).

What we are looking for:

  • Experience of handling and caring for pets
  • No other pets and no children under the age of 5 years old
  • Able to understand that a dog will sometimes take time to settle, so understanding of a dog’s needs and patience to deal with any potential issues
  • Willingness to learn and follow Senior Staffy Club procedures
  • Competent, flexible and self-motivated.

The hardest part ………. Waving the dog off for them to start their new journey with their forever family but knowing you have helped achieve this and to save the life of a senior staffy.

Now you have read this information if you are still interested in fostering, please ensure you have read our Fostering & FAQs page along with Our Fostering Process page. To proceed simply fill in our Foster Application form.

Thank you for your interest – we hope to hear from you soon!

You need to be aged 18 years and above for this role and all members of your family must be in agreement of taking on a foster dog.

We cannot say how long a foster dog may be with you it could be a few weeks, it could be months, so you need to be prepared to foster as long as it takes for them to find their forever home.

If your interest is more towards adopting or keeping a dog permanently please visit the page listing dogs looking for homes and apply to adopt.