Fostering – Be a Foster Carer

We Are in Need of Dedicated Homes That Can Offer Short Term Foster Care.

Would you like to care for a dog but are not in a position to give a long term commitment?

Do you have the time to dedicate to helping a dog move on to its new adoptive home?

What Is Foster Care?

Foster care is when you provide temporary care to a Senior Staffy Club dog in your own home until they are ready to be adopted or can return to kennels.

Why Do Our Dogs Need Foster Care?

Our dogs may need foster care for a variety of reasons, including:

  • The dog is old and struggling in kennels and would do better in a home environment
  • The dog is poorly and / or needs vet treatment and time to recover in a home
  • The dog is finding kennel life too stressful and is not coping in the kennel environment e.g shutting down, losing weight, becoming wary of people, barking continuously, ragging leads, refusing to leave their beds or to go back into kennels after a walk etc
  • The dog has behavioural issues that are difficult to work on in a kennel environment and they need to be in a calmer environment with consistent training opportunities to improve.
  • We simply need to learn more about the dog, such as how they manage in a home environment or cope when left alone – so we can find them the perfect forever home.

What You Will be Doing

  • Caring for Senior Staffy Club dogs and providing a safe environment in your own home until they are adopted or can return to kennels (e.g shorter stays to recover from an operation)
  • Supporting dogs who might be struggling to cope with kennel life
  • Providing all the care they need including feeding, socialising, administering medication, grooming and cleaning. This may also include following behaviour programmes
  • Gathering and recording information on the dog through your daily contact with them which will then be used by the foster team to help find them a new home
  • Taking photos and videos of the dogs
  • Taking the dogs to the vets as and when required
  • Being involved in ‘meet and greets’ with potential adopters (fully vetted by SSC prior to any meetings)
  • Attending pre arranged behavioral sessions as and when required

What Do We Need From a Foster Carer?

  • You should live in our foster catchment area -see under:
  • Have no other pets in the home or any regularly visiting family / friends dogs
  • No children under 12 or any visiting children under 12
  • Have the opportunity to build up the amount of time the dog will be left gradually and only to a max of 4 hours (so please consider your working commitments)
  • Access to a car / vehicle (fully secured to transport a dog e,g dog cage / dog guard) for trips to the vets etc
  • Access to a fully secure garden / outside space for toileting and exercising your dog
  • Previous experience and knowledge of caring for dogs and a keen interest in their welfare
  • Willingness to learn and follow Senior Staffy Club procedures and undertake any training provided
  • The ability to provide timely and regular communication with our foster teams through phone or email
  • Time to dedicate towards training, socialising and caring for your foster dog

What We Offer to You

  • A dedicated Foster Buddy as a point of contact and support – you will not be alone!
  • Training in all aspects of the role
  • All vet bills paid
  • We can provide all food and equipment and travelling expenses
  • Public liability insurance cover

What’s In It for You?

  • You’ll be helping dogs who are currently struggling to move on to their new loving homes
  • You’ll be able to enjoy caring for a dog without the long term commitment of dog ownership
  • You will gain practical skills, experience and have access to a dedicated Foster Buddy and Foster team
  • Opportunities to attend training sessions i.e on dog behaviour
  • You’ll join a great team of like-minded people all working together to help Senior Staffies in need

What Happens After We Receive Your Application

One of the foster team will contact you for a general ‘no obligation’ chat – during this chat we will discuss the role in more depth with you and answer any questions you may have. We will then give you some time to think about what you have heard and decide if this is the role for you.

If you decide to further your application we will ask you to complete the application form and will undertake a home visit at your address (we will require to see evidence of your landlords permission to have a dog in the house if your property is rented – prior to a home visit being arranged)

Prior to or during the homevisit you will be asked to provide two forms of identity i.e Driving licence / Passport / Birth Certificate etc and a Utility Bill in your name for the house we are visiting

All residents will need to be present at the time of the visit.

Once the home visit is completed and successful we will match you to a Foster Buddy and you will be provided with training and information to prepare you for your role.

Once you have been set up as a foster carer you will be placed on our active foster register and our foster team will contact you when we have a potential match. You will always have the choice to say Yes or No to having that dog placed with you but you will not be able to specify and choose which foster dog you want to have, as we need to be able to find placements for dogs as and when required, when their need is greatest. However we always endeavour to match you with a dog who we feel will suit your lifestyle and experience, so that you will feel comfortable and confident looking after them, and to make it a success.

Once the dog is placed you will sign a fostering agreement (individual to each dog) so that you are covered by our public liability insurance.

Your Foster Buddy will then work with you during the dogs placement offering support, help, advice and making sure you have all the equipment and help you need.

Interested and Want to Find Out More?

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