Fostering & FAQs

Thank you for your interest in fostering for the Senior Staffy Club. This is a really important role within each dog’s progress towards finding their adoption homes.

By providing the dog with a home whilst we find them their forever home, you allow us to learn about the dog’s real character, what their likes and dislikes are.

We have put together some basic information regarding fostering and what it entails so that you can consider if fostering is for you before applying.

Do you have children?

Every dog is different and a lot of the time we have no past history on them, for this reason we are sadly unable to place dogs in foster homes where there are children in the home under the age of 5 years old. 

Do you already have resident pets?

Many of our dogs are dog reactive, so we are particularly interested in pet-free homes. However, we do have dog-friendly dogs needing a foster from time to time, so if you do have resident dogs, you would need to be prepared to come and meet the foster dog with your resident dogs. This is to see if the dogs are able to get along first, before we place them in your home. You will need to have the space to be able to separate resident dogs initially at least whilst they get used to each other in the home, and always whilst you are out. We do not have facilities to cat-test the dogs or test them with small furries.

I rent my home, does that matter?

No it doesn’t, however we will ask for a copy of your rental agreement to prove that whoever owns the property will accept a dog in the home. We will not proceed without this.

What happens about the costs of keeping the dog?

When you are fostering we cover the cost of all pre-approved veterinary treatment (we will set up an account at your local vets), and we can provide food and equipment, if required. You will be allocated a ‘foster buddy’ who will be your point of contact whilst you are fostering, so you can speak to them about any issues or help you may require. 

What is expected from me as a fosterer?

You will need to care for the dog as if it was your dog. You will be provided with a foster agreement before the dog is placed with you, this will provide in detail the expectations of both parties.

We will ask you to provide regular feedback to us regarding the dog and its progress, along with photos/videos so that we can use them to advertise the dog on our Facebook and web pages. 

When a potential adopter is found we will home check them, then arrangements will be made for them to visit the dog; you must be willing to let potential adopters visit the dog at your home.

I work, will I be accepted as a fosterer?

We cannot place foster dogs with full-time workers unless there is some arrangement in place for someone to visit the home after 4 hours to spend a little time with the dog and let them out for a break. We will need proof of the agreement.