How to Help Us

Running a dog rescue is always going to be demanding especially as the call on our services grows both in the number of senior Staffies needing re-homing and the areas of the country that we find ourselves having to cover.

That growth calls for two essential commodities – people and funds! That is where you can help us.


Humans are the bedrock of the Senior Staffy Club having to ensure in all respects the needs of our canine friends are met to the very best of our ability. Therein lies the need for volunteers – we are an ALL volunteer based charity – to cover administration, dog welfare, transport, foster care and kennel provision, veterinary and health matters, fundraising, advice on canine care, marketing and IT and many other roles. This website’s Volunteers page covers some of the really important areas and panning down the Volunteer Form will give you even greater insight in to the volunteer roles that have to be filled.


Everything we do that comes with a cost calls for regular and concerted fundraising. We receive no state or local government funding relying solely on the kindness and generosity of people towards “man’s best friend” – the dog! In our case, of course, the senior Staffy and variants/crosses.

So what does ‘fundraising’ mean? There are many methods of doing so, some covered by pages on this website, some listed below, some yet to be thought up by our supporters – the scope is rarely restricted by a lack of imagination.

• Events – dog shows, coffee morning, sponsored challenges, agility races, school/cub collections, quiz nights,

• Kennel Crusaders – signing up with us to make regular donations to cover kennel costs – see the Kennel Crusaders section,

• Facebook – Birthday Giving posts and ‘donate buttons’ on posts

• Online Shopping – we have our own eBay shop and there are various online retailers/hubs that donate small percentages of a purchase value to us at no extra cost to you. See Online Shopping.

• Donations – straight forward giving through our website – see the button on every page.

If you have time and and are willing to help us in any way you can, have a look at our Volunteers section and Volunteer Form – then sign up today!