KC: In Memory of a Dog

This new separate page of Kennel Crusaders records the names of Kennel Crusader’s beloved dogs whose memory they wish to keep alive and in doing so, help staffies who come in to our care

Should you wish to add the name of a dog and a few lines to this new category of Kennel Crusader, please go to the the ‘Sign Up Page‘.

  • Klepuszewska – Peregrine (Perry) and Rubinstein (Ruby): my two best friends, my precious brave little ones, in celebration of the tremendous fun we shared. I miss and love you so much. I won’t ever forget you. Penny
  • Nuttall – Ellie: my little sweet pea, forever loved. Carrie
  • Parsons – Jet: in memory of our best boy Jet who gave us 13 years of love and fun. Now running free over the fields and through the ditches over the bridge. Love Mum and Dad x