KC: In Memoriam

This new separate page of Kennel Crusaders records the names of people whose love of Staffies and dogs generally is commemorated by a relative or friends following their passing.

A fitting ‘In Memoriam’ where their lives and love of dogs is continued in their name through regular donations for Senior Staffy Club dogs.

Should you wish to add the name of a late relative or friend to this new category of Kennel Crusader, please go to the the Sign Up Page.

  • Stan Aylmer: remembered by daughter Janet and son-in-law Paul and especially Milly. She is safe with us Dad! xx
  • Brian & Petra Colam: remembered by Scott, Linda, Charlie, Emma and Stanley in honour of our two staffers. Lost both in the year 2020 – missed but always loved.
  • Alan William Ellis: remembered by Danielle, Graham & Rio Staffy. Rest In Peace.
  • Jim Folly: remembered by wife Karen Folly. Sadly my husband passed on 22/10/21. We lost our Molly aged 16 who was the love of our lives and no flowers were wanted at his funeral – just money to support the Senior Staffy Club. Rest in Peace, you are now together.
  • Gavin Hatton: remembered by Laura Kelsey Herbert. You taught me the love of Staffies and you will never be forgotten.
  • John McIntosh: for bringing Sindy into the family and so much more, rest in peace Grandad x
  • Adrian Whittingham: remembered by Mark Chambers and Debbie Rook.