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A Senior Staffy Club Kennel Crusader is a person who is dedicated to fighting for, and saving the lives of unwanted Senior Staffies. NEW – we have set up a “Kennel Crusaders – In Memoriam” page for those who would certainly have been ‘Crusaders’ in their lives and who can be remembered through this form of membership by their relatives or friends – see ‘Kennel Crusaders – In Memoriam‘ page.

What is a Senior Staffy Club Kennel Crusader?

A Senior Staffy Club Kennel Crusader is a person who is committed to donating a regular sum so that a kennel can be provided for a Senior Staffy in need.

A Senior Staffy Club Kennel Crusader is a champion and defender of the Senior Staffies that have no hope.  Could you be a Senior Staffy Club Kennel Crusader and be their hope? Click here to see the current list of Kennel Crusaders.

It costs £3,300 to be able to provide ONE kennel for one year to help Senior Staffies, and we can have eight Seniors in kennels at any one time. By regularly donating just £10 a month – that’s just £2.50 a week – you will help us go a long way to continue providing these much needed safe kennel spaces and help to save the lives of Senior Staffies in need.

 As a Senior Staffy Club Kennel Crusader you will:

• receive a certificate and be listed on our Kennel Crusaders’ Listing.

• receive a twice yearly newsletter telling you about some of the Senior Staffies you have helped as a Crusaderer

• receive a Valentine and Christmas Card from the Senior Staffies you have helped

…but above all you will receive the heartfelt thanks of the dogs and everyone at Senior Staffy Club…for always!

30 Crusaders paying just £10 a month guarantees we can provide one kennel for a year.

60 Crusaders guarantees we can provide two kennels a year….

To sign up as a Kennel Crusader simply follow the instruction under:

Using CAF Monthly Donations by Direct Debit. Decide your monthly Kennel Crusader figure (Minimum per mohth – £10) and when you intend the Direct Debit to start, then click the CAF link immediately under. YOU WILL BE RETURNED TO THIS PAGE TO COMPLETE OUR RECORD FORM BELOW Without both the CAF Direct Debit completed and the form under, we cannot confirm your Kennel Crusader membership.

If you have any queries regarding Kennel Crusaders, please contact us via our Contact Form.

Red Star is a required field – if not completed the form cannot be sent.