Our Adoption Process

(Please note we do not re-home any of our dogs outside of the UK or in areas where we are unable to adhere to our normal re-homing process)

Hopefully you have seen a dog already that you are interested in on our Dogs for Adoption page and having read our Adopting a Dog & FAQs, you feel that the dog is suitable for your circumstances. 

We hope to welcome you to our special Senior Staffy Club. Your next step is for you to complete our Adoption Application Form at the foot of the adoption dog’s profile page, ensuring you provide all of your information we seek.

If we are able to proceed with your application, the sequential action by us is as follows:

• You will receive an email acknowledging receipt of your form.

• This will be followed by a telephone call to discuss your application and the dog you have applied for (we aim to do this within 3 days however please bear in mind we are fully staffed by volunteers who often also work full time in other occupations).

• We will provide you with as much information about the dog as we are able to concerning their past history and habits. These are passed onto you in good faith, however many of the statements will have been made by a previous owner and there is no guarantee on its reliability.

• There will be occasions where a particular dog may already have lots of interest or be part way through the process already. We will let you know if this is the case and will provide details of other dogs available which meet your circumstances (until a successful home check is received we do continue to advertise a dog, just in case the home check is not successful). 

• Following the initial telephone call, if all is acceptable to both you and us, we will arrange for a volunteer to visit your home. This is our opportunity to get to know you a little better and ensure the dog you have applied for is suitable and the right companion for you. All members of your family should be present, if possible.

• Once we receive the home visit information we will call you to discuss the outcome of the visit. If this has been successful, you will be invited to visit the dog on two separate occasions where they are currently homed (this could be in the Worcestershire or Staffordshire kennels or at their current foster home). If you have a resident dog, you will need to visit twice with your dog to ensure both dogs are compatible.

• If your home check is not acceptable, we will discuss the decision with you and will allow you a set period of time to address the situation – such as garden boundaries not being sufficient or too low, your working hours and other commitments.

• If you are unable to address the issue we will, by mutual consent, cease the process. Senior Staffy Club reserves the right to decline applications. Please do not take this personally, as a responsible rescue we pride ourselves on doing the best for the dogs, which can cause heartache in the future.

If you find your new family member during your visits with the dog, we will arrange for you to take your new Senior home.

There will be an adoption agreement form for you to complete at this stage.  Once this has been completed and the adoption fee paid, we will arrange the insurance for five weeks and transfer the dog’s chip to you. We will forward the dog’s veterinary information to your nominated veterinary practice. You will also be provided with information on helping your new Senior settle in.

If you are happy to, we will add you to our ‘Happy Endings’ page on Facebook – our very special area for adopted dogs and their owners where you can share your stories.

Sometimes a home is not perfect.  Please note that we do not allow a trial period with your dog. However we offer full rescue back up to all of our dogs so we will take them back, for whatever reason at any time, if you feel that this is necessary and all options have been exhausted (your adoption fee however will not be refunded).

Please remember some dogs take longer to settle than others, please be patient, try and keep things quiet for a few days to allow them to get used to their new surroundings, don’t introduce your new dog to too many people too quickly and expect them to be unpredictable for a while.  If you do have any issues or concerns please ring your Key Worker as soon as possible to enable us to offer help and guidance.   We are always happy to talk and listen to you and will do our utmost to offer suggestions and guidance.

As a responsible rescue we will arrange to visit you again 6 months after the adoption date to ensure all is well, however please do contact us before then if you have any worries or issues.

Thank you for your interest in adopting from Senior Staffy Club. If you have any questions not dealt with here or elsewhere on our website, please do not hesitate to get in touch using our Contact Form.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.