Re-homing Dogs – Wardens, Pounds & Other Rescues

If you are an organisation such as a dog warden, pound or another rescue we may be able to help. We will still ask for photographs of the dog (see details in Re-homing Your Dog – General Public) in order for us to check that he/she will be acceptable to the kennels that we use. However rather than completing the re-homing intake form mentioned on the page, we do have a different form for completion which will avoid the necessity of arranging for an assessor to come and visit the dog.

This form will need to be completed by someone who has actually had dealings with the dog in order to provide us with the best information available and to ensure that such information is up to date with regards to health issues, microchip details and checks. If you are an organisation, please contact us in the first instance via the “Contact Us” form on our website with a brief history of the dog along with your details and we will send you the form/contact you to discuss the situation further.