Re-homing Your Dog – General Public

We may be able to help, we understand that this is a tough decision and we will not judge you for needing to find your dog a new home. We always work to try and help as soon as we can, and asking for our help is the most responsible thing you can do for your dog. However we do ask you to realise that we are only a small rescue, run entirely by volunteers and do have a limited number of spaces. We do not own our own kennels, we rent kennel space from two established kennels, which we work closely with and have to follow a set process.

In order for us to manage the situation and the limited number of spaces that we have, we need everyone asking us to re-home their dog to complete the Re-home Intake Form so that your dog can be placed on the waiting list for when a space becomes available.

We cannot proceed unless you complete the form as we require the information requested and the sooner you submit the form to us the quicker we may be able to help.

Once the kennels have confirmed that your dog is acceptable to them we will also arrange for an assessor to visit you and your dog so that we can check that he/she will be able to cope in a kennel environment and can be safely handled. It is important that we can meet the needs of your dog and that we do not place them in an uncomfortable situation that may result in causing the dog any additional issues. We will provide you with the assessors details
so that a mutually convenient appointment can be made. There may be times and some circumstances where we will not be able to help, we will let you know if this is the case.

When we have all of the information needed, we will be in touch to advise you as to if, how and when we may be able to help. We also advise you to continue to contact other rescues to see if they can help sooner than we can, and/or that you consider the use of boarding kennels for your dog whilst you wait for a space to be offered by us or another rescue.

Once we confirm that we are able to help you will need to complete our surrender forms to confirm that you wish to officially transfer the dog to us and we’ll take good care of them from there, including transferring their microchip details to ourselves.

…but the first step is to return complete the on line Re-home Intake Form as soon as possible so we can start working together to help you and your Senior Staffy.

Rehoming your dog FAQ

Worried about placing your dog with us because we use kennels? – Whilst we are predominately a kennel based rescue, we do have foster homes available to us, we work hard to match the right dog with the right foster home. Therefore your dog does need to be at the kennels for a short period of time while we fully assess him or her and have them checked over by our vets. We will transfer the dog to a foster home as soon as we are able
to, especially if they need serious medical treatment or are not coping in a kennel situation. We also have a waiting list of potential adopters so your dog may not even have to be with us for very long. Only you can decide if this is a better option for your dog than your current
situation but we will take good care of your dog and ensure that their needs are met.

How much does it cost? – We do not charge to take in your dog. However, if you would like to make a donation to enable us to continue our work we would be very grateful. All dogs are neutered, have up to date vaccinations, flea and worm treatments and checked by our vets before they are rehomed. In addition any known medical issue is treated so this can be very expensive.

It is an emergency can you take my dog immediately? – We will do everything we can to help as soon as possible, but we do have to follow the set process and sometimes you will have to wait for a space to become available, however things can change very quickly.

Will you definitely take my dog? – In some situations we may not be able to take your dog, we may not have space for them or they may need special support and training to help them overcome their fears and worries, which we may not be able to provide. For this reason we may not be able to help or you may have to wait for a little longer for a space to become available so that we can ensure that we can meet their needs.

Can you help if my dog is aggressive? – There is a limit to the number of dogs we can take that have behavioral issues, if we do not think your dog will cope in kennels or if your dog is aggressive towards people – it is very unlikely that we will be able to help. We have a duty of care towards the kennel staff, volunteers and potential adopters, so we may not be
able to take them at all.

It is important that we are told the truth about your dog, for the safety of the dog, our volunteers and potential adopters, if at a later date we find out that information has been withheld, which leads to a dogs behaviour being totally unexpected i.e. aggressive towards people/animals or he/she attacks anyone, then we will not be held accountable. If as a result of information being withheld we are prosecuted we will give out information as to the whereabouts of previous owners.

Can I bring my dogs bedding and toys? – Yes please do, we will ensure that these go with your dog to their new home.

Do you check potential adopters to ensure that they are suitable? – We are committed and pride ourselves on matching the right dog to the right new home. All potential adopters are home checked to ensure that they can meet the dogs needs, and that the accommodation is suitable and the garden is secure, we also carry out a post adoption check up 6 months after the adoption period to ensure that the dog is still safe, healthy and
happy. We interview prospective adopters by asking relevant questions and obtain written proof that those living in rented accommodation have permission to home a dog. We offer full rescue back up and will always take the dog back, at any time, should circumstances change.

Can I get updates on my dog? – Yes while your dog is in our care you can email us to request updates at anytime. Once the dog is adopted and no longer in our care we are unable to give you updates or the adopters details due to Data Protection.

What if I change my mind? – If you think you have made the wrong decision, get in touch with us straight away. We’ll always act in the best interests of your dog, we will discuss with you why you wanted to rehome your dog in the first instance and what may have changed. When you give your dog to us you sign a legal document which makes us their legal owner and we take our legal duty of care very seriously so we may not return your dog but we will
discuss the reasons for this with you. Once the dog has been adopted there is nothing we can do to get them back as legal ownership will have been transferred to the new owner.

Any other questions? – Don’t be afraid to ask you can get in touch with us via our contact us button.