Re-homing Your Dog – General Public

We may be able to help. We always work to try and help as soon as we can, however we do ask you to realise that we are only a small rescue, run entirely by volunteers and do have a limited number of spaces.

In order for us to manage the situation and the limited number of spaces that we have, we need everyone asking us to re-home their dog to complete the Re-home Intake Form so that your dog can be placed on the waiting list for when a space becomes available..

We cannot proceed unless you complete the form as we require the information requested and the sooner you submit the form to us the quicker we may be able to help.

In addition if your dog is fully up to date with all vaccinations, including kennel cough, we may be able to help sooner as the number of spaces for unvaccinated dogs is limited. So it is in your interest and your dogs to have these brought up to date wherever possible. We will ask for proof that this has been done.

Once we have received the form we will email you to ask for photographs of your dog (this is so that we can check with the kennels which we use that your dog will be acceptable to them), and a copy of the dogs veterinary history (where available). We will also arrange for an assessor to visit you and your dog.

When we have all of the information needed, we will be in touch to advise you as to if, how and when we may be able to help.

Worried about placing your dog with us because we use kennels? – Whilst we are predominately a kennel based rescue, we do have foster homes available to us, we work hard to match the right dog with the right foster home. Therefore your dog does need to be at the kennels for a short period of time while we fully assess him or her and have them checked over by our vets. We will transfer the dog to a foster home as soon as we are able to, especially if they need serious medical treatment or are not coping in a kennel situation. We also have a waiting list of potential adopters so your dog may not even have to be with us for very long. Only you can decide if this is a better option for your dog than your current situation.

We also advise you to continue to contact other rescues to see if they can help sooner than we can, and/or that you consider the use of boarding kennels for your dog whilst you wait for a space to be offered by us or another rescue.

…but the first step is to return the Re-home Intake Form as soon as possible so we can start working together to help you and your Senior Staffy.