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SEX: Female

AGE: 8 Years Old

LOCATION: Stoke-on-Trent

CHILDREN: 12 Years Plus




Tammy came into our care, along with Holly, after being signed over into the care of Team Poundie. Both girls came from an animal hoarder where unfortunately there was a house fire – many animals sadly died, and Holly and Tammy were the only two to survive.


Tammy is a very friendly girl whose tail never stops wagging! (so much so that she has developed ‘happy tail’ whilst in kennels). She loves to have a fuss and gives lots of kisses to all the volunteers. She’s not shown any interest in toys as of yet and much prefers attention off people. She’s a lot bigger than your average Staffy as she’s possibly crossed with an American Bulldog. However, she can be a very gentle and calm girl. Even though she’s a complete softie, she can get very stressed by certain situations like travelling and the vets.



Although Tammy is quite a big girl, she walks well on her lead and doesn’t pull. She has only been on short walks with us due to her stiff back legs.


Tammy has shown anxiety around cars/vans and she does not want to get into either to travel. Even an open car door can cause Tammy a lot of stress and she will try everything she can to avoid it – she does not show any aggression, but will try to back out of her harness and is unable to accept food. We have been working with Tammy to try and help her with this, but it is something that would need to be worked on by her new owners. For this reason and as we may have to sedate Tammy for travel, we would ideally like her new home to be as close to our kennels in Stoke-on-Trent as possible.


Due to Tammy’s anxiety around travel, the vets came to kennels to visit her. Whilst she was very happy to see them initially, she became quite stressed, especially during procedures such as a blood test, which meant she needed to be restrained. For this reason, she needs to be muzzled for any vet visits in the future.

Due to her stress with both travel and the vets, she has not been spayed yet. SSC will pay for this to be done once she has settled into her new home and is more comfortable with travelling.


She is in good health and recent blood tests have not flagged up any issues. She does have quite stiff back legs for which she is on YuMOVE and has also started a painkiller trial.

Tammy has a lump on one of her back legs – this has been aspirated and the results show it is a fatty lump. The vets would advise removal though when she is spayed.


As we don’t have any history on how Tammy is in a home environment, but we would like her to go to a home with someone is around most of the time to help her settle in. She could live with another calm dog, but she would need to meet them several times to make sure they got on. Ideally, Tammy would go to an experienced home that is able to help her cope with and overcome her anxieties in certain situations.


The ideal home for Tammy would be with a calm, experienced owner who can work on her anxieties around travel etc.

Despite her anxieties, Tammy is a very loving and gentle girl who is going to make a great best friend for someone! All Tammy wants is someone to give her lots of love and reassurance (and a spot on the sofa of course!) and she’s going to give so much love in return.


Tammy vaccinated and microchipped. She isn’t spayed yet, but it will be part of her adoption agreement that this is done in the future with costs covered by SSC.

She is in foster in Stoke-on -Trent and we are looking for a home within the area and any adopter should be willing to travel to meet her where she is now.

There is an adoption donation of £90 for Tammy, and all money donated goes directly to helping all the seniors in our care.

If you think you could offer Tammy a new home, please click the panel under to complete an application form.

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