Why We Use Online Forms

As already stated the Senior Staffy Club is growing along with the general interest in our charity and the role we play in ever more far reaching places than Stafford, where the charity began. With more Staffies needing to be re-homed and more adoptions taking place – sometimes in equally large numbers in a given time frame, we need as much information as possible. Often promptly. So to those of us reviewing adoptions, sorting kennelling and foster homes, arranging transport or home visits and working on re-homing waiting lists, our online forms are vital to our entire operation. No information, no successful results!

The importance of each and every form depends on ONE MAJOR factor from those completing all our forms – ABSOLUTE HONESTY! Not supplying the information required or being inaccurate for one reason or another means unneccessary follow-up work on the part of our volunteers and, more importantly, delaying giving a Staffy the best start to a new life as he or she moves towards old age.

Please complete any form with care and read them carefully before doing so. Thank you.

You should note that all forms completed are retained safely by us as ‘confidential’ within the Senior Staffy Club and with the exception of detail relating to insurance cover and micro-chipping are NEVER passed to any third party. See our Privacy & Cookies Policy.