Blue B 

SEX: Male 
AGE: 10 Years Old 
LOCATION: Worcestershire 
CHILDREN: Blue needs an adult only home or where children are 15 years plus – no visiting young children 
DOGS: Could possibly live with a very calm older female with careful introductions 
Blue B is a super friendly boy who arrived with us recently due to his previous owners no longer being able to give him the attention he needs. 
Handsome Blue B is a lovely dog with a beautiful needy soul who loves his special human people. He loves to sit next to you and definitely needs a space on someone’s sofa. He loves his home comforts in his foster home and finds all the comfiest places to sleep. 
He loves to play tuggy and has formed a firm bond with his foster daddy. He is very calm, relaxed and happy in the house and in the garden as long as it's quiet and steady. He can get anxious when new people visit the house. 
He absolutely loves cuddles and tummy rubs when he feels safe with you. He is a quick learner and now knows to settle on his mat in the kitchen while his foster mummy is cooking. He’s a quiet boy, hardly barks and doesn’t really jump up at visitors. He is good at telling you if he needs to go toilet by tapping the back door. 
Blue is highly anxious on a walk although he loves them. He has trouble calming down after a walk and will hump when he gets back home. He is also reactive to having his harness taken off and for this reason he is currently not being walked and stays in the garden and is quite content with this. We feel that this is best for Blue’s health right now and behavioural work is ongoing to help him which may need to be continued by an adopter and then he possibly could have a local walk once a day. 
Blue will travel in the car on the back seat, but does get stressed and a bit vocal like most Staffies! He does take time to calm down once out of the car. 
Blue B is taking anxiety medication and herbal calming tablets due to high anxiety around outside interaction such as walks and car journeys and any change in the home such as having visitors. He behaves very well at the vets, although nervous. 
Health issues: 
Blue B has received a full health check, including scans and blood tests and was given a clean bill of health. He did have a large lump on his back left leg, the vet checked this out and it was removed due to its size. The vets have advised the mass was a cyst. Blue has recently had his ears cleaned out and is feeling a lot happier for this. He will need his ears checked in the future. Blue is an older boy and does need to toilet (wee) at least every 6 hours including overnight. His fosterers are currently successfully trialling a belly band to help with any overnight accidents. 
Ideal home: 
Blue B has been OK to be left for short periods of time in his foster home, but would really love to have someone home the majority of the time. 
We are told he is a dog friendly boy and has lived with a calm older female for a short period. With careful introductions, he may be able to live with another very calm older female dog, but potential adopters must be willing to have a few introductory meetings with both dogs prior to adoption. Blue would not be able to live with cats or other small furries. 
We would prefer an adult only home or a home where any children are 15 yrs plus – Blue is an anxious dog so needs a quieter home environment without young children (or visiting young children) as he would not cope with noise and change. He needs a quiet home with few visitors and someone willing to continue work on calming techniques with Blue to help him. 
Blue would need a large secure garden in which he could potter and chill out if he is finding walks too stressful. Currently he is not able to go out on day trips or to socialise in the park etc due to his anxiety but is very happy pottering in the garden! 
Blue may be happier as a home-based companion dog – happy for loves and cuddles and not needing trips out or long walks. 
So if you are looking for a loving companion for company, have a quiet home and some patience – maybe Blue is your boy? 
Standard information: 
Blue B is vaccinated, microchipped and neutured. 
He is currently in foster in Worcestershire. He can be rehomed anywhere in the UK, pending a successful home visit. However, any adopter should be willing to travel to meet him twice where he is at that time. 
There is an adoption donation of £120 for Blue B and all money donated goes directly to helping all the Senior Staffies in our care. 
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