SEX: Female 
AGE: Approx 11 years old 
LOCATION: Worcester 
TEMPERAMENT: Super friendly and very bouncy, lively girl. 
CHILDREN: 12 years plus 
Honey is a super friendly lively girl who came into our care as her previous owners felt she was struggling spending long hours alone, following a change in work circumstances since Covid. 
Her previous owners rescued her from a previous owner who no longer wanted her. 
We know she started life in a puppy farm and had several litters in her early years. 
Honey is finding kennels a little overwhelming and is always very excited to get out for her walks She can be quite bouncy in the kennel, sometimes almost reaching the top of the door. 
She isn’t really too interested in toys, but does love a squeaky tennis ball - and isn’t always keen to share it. She will play fetch for a short while and then loves to chew them. 
She is a clever girl and knows wait, sit and paw commands. 
She is a loveable cheeky girl, she loves treats and is sometimes keen to receive them. 
She loves attention and being told she is a good girl. She loves to be on the go all the time. 
When she first arrived, Honey was very giddy on the lead, criss-crossing in front of you. She has been walked daily by our volunteer walkers and she is getting much better. 
She can still be strong on the lead and pull, in her keenness to get going, she is currently practising walking close to you on a relaxed lead and is improving lots! Although she does get easily distracted! 
There is nothing Honey loves more than going across the field on her long training lead and having a run and mooch in the grass. 
We have taken her to a secure play pen where her recall is very good - when there aren’t any distractions! 
When she sees dogs out walking she seems keen to meet them and can be a quite strong, but calms down very quickly. She would definitely benefit from some one to one training with her special person. 
Honey isn’t keen on travelling and she is unsettled initially in the van, but does calm down. We feel this is because she hasn’t travelled lots. 
If travelling on the back seat, she would need someone sat with her as she will chew through the seatbelt harness. 
Her previous owner tells us she will travel in the car, but does like to try to sit in the front and shakes a little. She will need to be secured in the boot or back seat. 
Honey was a dream when the vet came to examine her for her health check. She was very patient and stood still for her examination. 
She was also very good when visiting the vet practice. 
Health issues: 
Honey has had a full health check, including bloods test, and has been given a clean bill of health. She came into season very soon after arriving at kennels, so will need to be spayed early May. SSC will cover the cost of spaying. 
Ideal home: 
We are told Honey was struggling with being home alone for long days due to her owner's job, so we are looking for a home where her parents would be home lots, only leaving her for short periods. 
Honey has lived with children and was fine. She is very puppy-like in her behaviour and has lots of energy, so for this reason we feel children in the home would need to be aged 12 years+. 
In her previous home Honey has had doggy visitors and been happy to share her meals with them. In kennels she has shown reactions to her neighbours, but this is a busy environment so doesn’t necessarily show a true reflection of her character. 
Out walking she is showing interest in other dogs, but doesn’t appear to be reactive… This is in a controlled environment with on-lead dogs and giving Honey lots of space. Care must be taken with off lead dogs. 
We feel Honey would be happier being the only pet in the home as she just loves people. She is unable to live with cats or small furries. 
Honey is a very excitable girl, so would need a rural home with a good sized garden with 6 foot fencing to allow her to burn off some of her energy. 
A low dog populated area would be beneficial to Honey settling more quickly. 
She will need a patient owner who is happy to work on her training in the home as she can be a cheeky monkey and 'forget'. 
Honey would be a good match for someone who is active and enjoys long walks. She would definitely enjoy enrichment puzzles to get her braining working 
Standard information: 
Honey is fully vaccinated and microchipped. She will need to be spayed at the beginning of May and SSC will cover the costs for this to be done. 
She is currently in kennels in Worcester, although she can be rehomed anywhere in the UK, pending a successful home visit. 
However, any adopter will have to be willing to travel to meet her at least twice in her current location. 
There is an adoption fee of £120 for Honey, and all money donated goes directly to helping all the senior Staffies in our care. 
If you think you could be a match for Honey, please click on the application form below. 
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