SEX: Male 
AGE: 7 Years Old 
LOCATION: Stoke-on-Trent in kennels 
CHILDREN: 15 years plus as he is lively and bouncy 
Hughie came to us from the pound where he had been handed in by the family as his owner had passed away and no one else was able to take him in. Unfortunately we do not have any other history on him. 
Hughie is a very affectionate boy who loves having a fuss from all the volunteers at kennels. He’s very energetic and can jump very high in his kennel when he sees someone or wants to get at something that’s out of his reach. He likes to play with his toys, but he tends to prefer sitting next to his walker friends and having a cuddle. His favourite thing is definitely treats! 
Hughie spent some time in foster care, we learnt that he can settle given time. He is fully housetrained and can also sleep through the night by himself. 
His foster carers said: 
“He loves his cuddles on the sofa, chew treats, and is food obsessed. He likes to be challenged and would benefit from having an adult around a lot of the time. He enjoys puzzles and games to keep him stimulated. 
“He loves long walks and can easily keep going for an hour without tiring so will need an owner who is active. He enjoys visiting new places and can’t wait to get exploring. He walks well, although not to heel – there are too many exiting things to discover! 
“When he first came to us he did not respond to commands at all, but he has been extremely quick to learn basic commands. He now responds to “wait” “sit” “walk on” and we’re working on “stay”. He is motivated by low value treats like kibble, so will be easy to train. He will benefit from being with someone who has the time and patience to continue his training.” 
Whilst in our care Hughie has shown some anxieties around dogs approaching him head-on and this has led to him showing some defensive behaviour at times. For this reason, we have begun to muzzle train him and he will need to continue to wear a muzzle on walks in his new home. Hughie is very food motivated, so he’s picking this up very quickly! 
Hughie has lots of energy and enjoys going for long walks. He walks nicely on the lead and doesn’t pull. He has some worries around a harness so currently is walked with a lead attached to his collar. 
Hughie can walk past other dogs without reacting, but due to his anxieties around dogs approaching him, he will need to always be given space from other dogs and cannot be walked in areas with off lead dogs who could approach him, 
Hughie travels well in the car, though he does prefer it if he has a companion with him on the backseat and if left alone will try to get to the front to join you. 
Hughie is very well behaved at the vets and allows them to examine him without any issues. 
Health issues: 
Hughie is in good health – he has been examined by our vets and had routine blood tests which all came back normal. 
Ideal home: 
Ideally, Hughie would need someone around most of the time as he does like to be around people. He will need a calm, patient, understanding owner who can help him settle into his new environment – when Hughie is anxious, he can hump legs and arms, but this behaviour did improve whilst in foster. However anyone who does adopt Hughie should be aware that this behaviour may initially reoccur due to stress. 
He is a very clever dog and would benefit from activities to keep his brain active such as puzzle toys, learning new tricks, scentwork etc. Hughie would be a good match for someone who is active and enjoys long walks due to his energy levels. He would need a secure garden with high fences. 
He cannot live with other dogs, cats or small furries. 
Hughie is a loving and sweet boy, who aims to please. He hasn’t had much luck lately and needs a family who will engage with him and continue his training and have fun watching him develop into a great companion. 
Hughie is a bright star waiting to shine – maybe he could shine for you? 
Standard information: 
Hughie is fully vaccinated, neutered and microchipped. 
He is currently in kennels in Soke-on-Trent but he can be rehomed anywhere in the UK, pending a successful home visit. However, any adopter should be willing to travel to meet him at least twice where he is at the moment. 
There is an adoption donation of £120 for Hughie and all money donated goes directly to helping all the Senior Staffies in our care. 
If you think you could offer Hughie a new home, please click the panel under to complete an application form. 
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