SEX: Male 
AGE: 7 Years Old 
LOCATION: Stoke-on-Trent in kennels 
CHILDREN: 15 years plus as he is lively and bouncy 
To see more videos of Hughie, please visit his playlist on YouTube by clicking below: 
Hughie arrived at SSC in January 2021 after he found himself at a local dogs' home in November 2020 due to his owner sadly passing away. Because of this, we don’t have any history on Hughie. 
When he first arrived at SSC he was a bit of an anxious lad, but he’s now blossomed into a confident boy (although his anxieties can sometimes still occasionally show themselves) who loves hanging out with all his walker friends at kennels. 
Our kennel manager from Stoke has written about him to show exactly what Hughie is looking for in his new home: 
"Let me start this off by saying how much I absolutely adore Hughie! I’ve spent a lot of time with this boy and he’s full of fun and love and always puts a smile on my face. 
But he is a boy that will need a very specific home and I want to be very honest about him and his needs in the hope that we can find him that special person. 
"Whenever I tell people about Hughie, I tell them not to think of a Staffie (not even a younger one!). He does have that affectionate, people loving side to him, but I would always say think Collie or similar when it comes to what he’s going to need in terms of both physical and mental exercise. He really isn’t a typical Senior Staffie in any way shape or form! 
"Hughie is a dog who, right now, doesn’t have an off switch. He’s a boy that always needs to be doing something and to have his clever brain entertained or he’ll find his own fun. Being honest, he may be a little bit of a monkey during his first few days or even weeks in a new home as he learns what he can/shouldn’t do. During his spell in foster, he would try to open the fridge and he even tried to open the oven whilst it was on!  
"After spending an afternoon out and about with our volunteers, where he was stimulated both physically and mentally, he was still looking for things to do in our paddock – there was just no resting for our Hughie! 
"Its not going to be about just tiring him out physically. I’ll let you into a secret, he doesn’t always want to go for walk and will put his paws on his lead or even try to get between your legs to tell you walks aren’t on the agenda today! Hopefully once out of kennels, he’ll always be up for a walk but it’s his brain that’s going to need the most exercise. 
"Hughie can jump high! And he’ll do this when he wants something, usually treats – he’s a little lacking in manners and a bit of self-control. I’m about 5 foot 6 and he can easily be at eye level with me! If you’ve seen his pictures above, you’ll have seen we are playing games to help this, but it will definitely need to be worked on in a home environment. He’ll probably be up on your tables/work surfaces in the blink of an eye so management will be needed at first. 
"He can be a little thief too and regularly steals food/ toys out of his walker friends’ coats and bags etc. Anything left lying around is fair game for Hughie - I dropped my phone once and he happily ran off with it! 
"He needs a home with someone who is around a lot to provide him with the stimulation that he needs and to figure out what will help him relax and be able to settle – think brain games, mantrailing, hoopers, agility, scentwork etc. 
"It’s a definite no to living with any other pets and he can become stressed around some other dogs. He’s not a boy that will generally shout about his discomfort, but he will show you in more subtle ways, plus he really doesn’t like other dogs coming up to him. Cats and other small furries would be way too over stimulating for our boy who needs to learn to settle. 
"Hughie is a lovely boy and he needs to find a home where he can thrive and blossom into the amazing boy I know he can be (he’s already pretty brilliant to be honest though!). 
"I should add some of his fantastic points too: 
• He’s a super affectionate friendly boy who loves being around people. 
• He travels well on the backseat of the car 
• He’s well behaved at the vets 
• He loves a cuddle!" 
Ideal home: 
• No children or other pets 
• A home with a reasonable sized secure garden 
• An active owner who would enjoy training Hughie 
• An owner who is around a lot and has plenty of time to help Hughie settle in 
If you have the time and energy to help Hughie and can fill all his needs, please fill out an application form and we’ll be in touch or if you’d like to have a chat before filling out a form then send us an email - 
Standard information: 
Hughie is fully vaccinated, neutered and microchipped. 
He is currently in kennels in Stoke-on-Trent but he can be rehomed anywhere in the UK, pending a successful home visit. However, any adopter should be willing to travel to meet him at least twice where he is at the moment. 
There is an adoption donation of £120 for Hughie and all money donated goes directly to helping all the Senior Staffies in our care. 
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