SEX: Male 
AGE: 8 years old 
LOCATION: In Kennels in Worcester 
TEMPERAMENT: Friendly, Excitable, Playful and Fun Loving. 
CHILDREN: 8 years plus 
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Jasper came into us at the Senior Staffy Club after his owner became unwell and he found himself spending long hours home alone with his brother Tyson. 
Jasper's owner's living circumstances have since changed and they are unable to look after him. 
Jasper is currently in our Worcester kennels. He is a confident dog who is happy to be fussed, he really loves to play ball with you. 
He can be a monkey to harness up because he is so playful and gets so excited so he loves to put the harness in his mouth. We are confident once in a home he won’t be as excitable. 
He came in with Tyson, but they aren’t a bonded pair and he isn’t bothered whether Tyson is around or not. 
Jasper hasn’t had much exercise in recent months so when he came in, he was a little overweight and pulled a little on the lead. 
He has been with us for 3 weeks now and, thanks to his volunteers walking him daily, he has trimmed down and his lead walking has really improved. 
We have been building his walking time up as his nails were quite long and his fitness wasn’t great. He has done very well and happily walks for 30 – 40 minutes per walk. 
Jasper loves a run around over the fields on a long line. His prey drive is very high and he would most definitely chase sheep and small furies. He has not been tested off lead. 
He has been quite good passing calm dogs whilst out walking most of the time. However if the dog is reactive and barking, he will bark back at them. The kennels are in a rural area, so we have not had any loose dogs approaching him. 
He can sometimes be a little anxious when out and about so isn’t great with other dogs, care must be taken when in areas with off lead dogs. He hasn’t reacted to horses or passing cars, he does however try to bark and lunge at push bikes. He is fine if you can get him to sit and get his attention before the bike approaches. 
He loves people and he really loves sniffing all the hedgerows along the lanes, his head doesn’t lift from the ground. 
We have not tried him in the charity van yet but will do so. 
The vets came to the kennels to give Jasper his health check, blood tests and vaccinations and he was a good boy standing still for his examination. 
Health issues: 
He has had a full health check, including blood test, and all levels are within normal ranges. 
The vets discovered Jasper's teeth are in need of a little attention, so he has been booked in for a scale and this will be done before he is rehomed. 
Ideal home: 
• Jasper will need to be the only pet in the home, his previous owner advised he doesn’t get on with other dogs and will chase cats. 
• He will need someone who is around most of the time as we are told he has been known to chew a little if left for long periods. 
• Children would need to be 8 years plus, because he is so excitable and playful, he would be too much for younger children. 
Standard information: 
Jasper is neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. 
He is currently in our Worcester kennels, but he can be rehomed anywhere in the UK, pending a successful home visit. However, any adopter should be willing to travel to meet him at least twice where he is now. 
There is a non-refundable adoption donation of £120 for Jasper and all money donated goes directly to helping all the Senior Staffies in our care. 
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