SEX: Female 
AGE: 7 years old 
LOCATION: In Foster in Worcestershire 
TEMPERAMENT: Super Friendly, Cuddly, Happy Girl. 
CHILDREN: 10 years plus 
DOGS: Lady appears to be fine with most dogs out and about. Although, she hasn’t been dog tested inside the home. 
CATS: Yes 
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Lady came into us due to her basic needs were unable to be met in the home. She spent long hours in a crate and was desperate for human contact. 
She is currently in foster in Worcestershire following an operation to remove a lump from the base of her tail/bum. 
She has settled very well in her foster home, her frosty mum says she is a happy girl who loves a good cuddle. 
She loves toys, but she kills them very quickly, including tennis balls! 
Lady gets excited when she has visitors and meets them with typical Staffy enthusiasm, but she doesn’t clamber all over them. 
She can get mouthy during play - she doesn’t clamp down hard, but has to be reminded to be gentle. 
Lady is a very active girl, so she would be best suited to an active home where she will get at least an hour's walk a day. 
She loves being out and exploring and she appears to be dog friendly with careful introductions. She hasn’t come across a dog she hasn’t liked yet. 
Lady just loves everyone and will jump up to say hello to people when out walking. 
Lady travels well in the car, her favourite position is up front with you. 
The vet comes to the foster home to see Lady and she is always a very good girl for him. 
She was as goods as gold, even when she had poorly ears - she allowed the vet to sort them out. 
She has had full health check including blood tests. All her bloods came back within normal ranges. 
When Lady arrived she wasn’t in the best condition, due to spending many hours in a crate with possibly not much bedding. She had lots of bald patches on her back end and legs. These are much better now and have almost grown back. 
Her ears were in a dreadful state especially her left ear. The were severely infected and almost closed up. She was given a steroid injection and prescribe Neptra. They have improved greatly, but this will be an ongoing treatment to get them healthy. 
We also discovered she had a pea sized lump on the base of her tail/bottom. The vet removed this on 15th February, she has healed well from this and the result came back as benign. 
Ideal home: 
• Lady could live with children aged 10 years + as she can get quite excitable and playful. 
• She could ideally do with having someone who is home most of the time due to being closed in a crate on her own for long period of time in the past, she really likes to be with you. 
• She is house trained and doesn’t chew. 
• Lady has not been cat tested. She does however appear to be dog friendly when out and about, so may be able to live with another dog after careful introductions. 
Standard information: 
Lady is microchipped, vaccinated and neutered. 
She is currently in foster in Worcestershire, but he can be rehomed anywhere in the UK, pending a successful home visit. However, any adopter should be willing to travel to meet her at least twice where she is now. 
There is a non refundable adoption donation of £120 for Lady and all money donated goes directly to helping all the Senior Staffies in our care. 
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