SEX: Female 
AGE: Around 9 years old 
LOCATION: In foster in Gloucester 
CHILDREN: 14 years plus 
DOGS: Yes, after several successful introductions. 
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Poppy came to us from a local dog home. 
Poppy is a friendly, playful little girl. She’s smaller than your average staffy – she’s only 13kg. 
Poppy has been in foster for just over a week at the time of writing this and she is already settling well into her new routine. Her frosty parents say she is full of beans during the day, but at 5 o’clock - it’s definitely time for sleeping and they don’t hear a peep from her until morning!  
She’s very good at letting them know when it’s dinner time and will walk back and forth between her bowl and her frosty parents until they get the hint!  
Her favourite place is the Futon in the study as the sun comes round on her... and she loves baths! 
She’s affectionate and will stand next to her frosties waiting for them to give her a fuss.  
Poppy's favourite thing is definitely playtime - we think she’d play with a ball all day, she also enjoys a good game of tug. 
Poppy generally walks well on the lead without pulling and is very responsive. However, for such a little girl she can still be quite strong at times. 
We’ve been building up the length of her walks as when she first arrived with us, she had quite a strange gait in her back legs – she is currently walked for around 25 minutes, but this should be able to be built up over time. 
Poppy does find travelling quite stressful and can be vocal whilst travelling. However, on her journey to her foster home, she did start to settle after around 20 minutes.  
We don’t think she’s had much experience of car travel, so this should improve with more journeys to fun places. 
Poppy can be a little stressed when she first arrives at the vets, but this is most likely due to her stress from the journey to get there. 
She was well-behaved during her examination, blood draw etc. 
Poppy is in good health. Her recent blood tests all came back within normal levels. 
She did have a lump on her leg which was sampled and came back as a Mast Cell Tumour. This has now been removed and does not require any further treatment. 
She is currently taking loxicom and YuMOVE for her back legs – she had a strange gait when she first arrived, but this has improved with regular exercise and painkillers. 
Ideal home: 
Poppy needs a secure garden - she can jump high and can be a bit of an escape artist at times! 
She may be able to live with another dog as she doesn’t show any negative reactions to those on walks. There would need to be several successful introductions to another dog before adoption. 
Poppy needs a home where someone is around for the majority of the day and can help her to feel comfortable being left. We don’t have much history on Poppy, but we do know that in a previous home, she wasn’t happy being left on her own for long periods and could be vocal. 
Standard information: 
Poppy is vaccinated and microchipped. We do not know for sure if she’s spayed - SSC will cover the cost for this to be done if she does come into season. 
She is currently in in foster in Gloucester, but she can be rehomed anywhere in the UK, pending a successful home visit. However, any adopter should be willing to travel to meet her at least twice where she is now. 
There is a non refundable adoption donation of £120 for Poppy and all money donated goes directly to helping all the Senior Staffies in our care. 
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