SEX: Female 
AGE: 9 Years Old 
LOCATION: Worcestershire 
DOGS: Needs to be the only dog in the home 
Rosie came into Senior Staffy Club after she had been found abandoned in a vacated flat. 
Rosie is currently staying with our behaviourist in Worcestershire as she was finding kennels a little too stressful. 
As a result, she was starting to rag her lead, and was finding everything over stimulating. Rosie has had time to de-stress and relax. Our behaviourist has spent lots of time working with her, and she is starting to settle down and really enjoy the visits she is now getting from our volunteer walkers. Our behaviourist tells us she is a very clean girl, and always toilets outside, so we are hopeful she will be the same in a home. 
She really doesn’t cope well with change. Having her bedding changed for clean stuff is a big deal for her; we have found the best way to deal with this is to wash things one layer at a time and change them when she’s out of the room. So, we will be looking for a special home for Rosie that will allow her the time she needs to settle and feel safe. 
Rosie isn’t a cuddly dog, but once she is settled with you, she is an affectionate girl and she definitely enjoys being close to you, chewing her bone or ragger. It is very important this is done at her pace, as initially even touch is overwhelming. She finds chewing very relaxing, so this should be encouraged. 
She is a good girl out walking; she mostly ignores other dogs, but can have a little bark at some. She hasn’t shown interest in livestock or horses. She isn’t pulling on her lead as much and hasn’t ragged for several weeks. She loves a run around in the secure paddock, and her recall is improving all the time. 
Rosie currently gets a little stressed travelling in the car, but our behaviourist has been working on desensitising her. 
She is a very good girl at the vets; she is happy to be examined/touched all over. Due to Covid 19, we have not taken Rosie into the waiting room, so she is untested in an enclosed waiting area. 
Health issues: 
Rosie was given a full health check and full bloods when she arrived with us. We were a little concerned with her breathing, so she was sedated at the vets to have her throat scoped and her chest X-rayed. The vets confirmed her larynx is fine, but it is very narrow at the opening. Just past the larynx into her windpipe is a tiny flap of skin; it isn’t large enough to block her windpipe, it is just flapping. The vet suspects this has been there all her life, and it would be extremely difficult to have removed due to its location. Rosie appears to be a sensitive girl, as her skin does get irritated on her toes. 
Ideal home: 
We are looking for a home for Rosie that is local to her current location, as her new owner will need to visit Rosie a few times before taking her home, and ongoing support will be provided by our behaviourist. No children at all: Rosie has been tested with older children and hasn’t shown any aggression, but will always be easily overexcited and she can lose her head. This is when she rags, so she would struggle with the noise, friends and excitement. 
A quiet home will be needed for this beauty – a pet-free home. Rosie doesn’t appear to be reactive, but due to the excitement of another dog, it may well impact on her ability to settle and it is very unlikely that a resident dog will tolerate her behaviour. Rosie will need patient owners who are willing to allow her to learn and settle at her own pace. 
Standard information: 
Rosie is vaccinated and microchipped. She will be neutered before being rehomed. She is being fostered in Worcestershire, therefore we are looking for a local home for Rosie so continued support can be offered. 
There is an adoption donation of £120 for Rosie, and all money donated goes directly to helping all the seniors in our care. 
Rosie is a beautiful girl, who thoroughly enjoys calm human company, and really deserves a kind, understanding home. If you think you could offer Rosie a new home, please click the button below to complete an application form. 
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