SEX: Female 
AGE: 9 years old 
LOCATION: Wolverhampton in foster 
TEMPERAMENT: Roxy is a very loving and smart girl who loves her cuddles 
CHILDREN: 10 years plus 
To see more videos of Roxy, please visit her playlist on YouTube by clicking below: 
Roxy came to us after a change in her owner’s circumstances. 
Roxy is currently in foster and doing well. Roxy is extremely clever and she is very responsive with her commands. She knows sit, lie down, paw, spin, wait, get down and no and is responsive to hand gestures when doing tricks. She loves treats and will work for them and her favourite toys are her Kong and her monkey. 
She’s small in stature – a pocket rocket – but what she lacks in size she makes up for in love! Like any dog she will bark at the doorbell, knocks at the door and people walking by - nothing gets past Roxy! She loves being on neighbourhood watch with her amazing ears! 
To sum up, Roxy’s foster mum says, “She is energetic, fun crazy and has absolutely no idea she’s 9 years old. If it wasn’t for her little frosty face you’d think she was a puppy”. 
As you can see from the videos, Roxy is just one big bundle of fun and just needs her forever garden to play in and a sofa for cuddles. 
Roxy has been working on her manners when out walking and uses a harness. It is essential that when taking her out you give her plenty of space from other dogs and avoid all off lead dogs as she can get agitated but no longer needs her muzzle when walking. Her holiday foster mum says, “Roxy is lovely on lead, although loves to chase everything “.  
Going for walks is one of her favourite thingsand will walk for miles if given the chance. She greets strangers nicely as she thinks everyone is amazing! 
She will travel well in a car if she is in a crate with her view obscured. She can get excited seeing other dogs when travelling if she is on a seat, but in a covered crate she sits quietly and is well behaved. 
Roxy’s foster mum was working on muzzle training as Roxy can be anxious when visiting the vets. Although she was a lot better during her last visit for a check-up after her spay operation and even wanted hugs and kisses from the vet. 
Health issues: 
No known issues. 
Ideal home: 
As she has a high prey drive, she cannot be rehomed with any small furries. A home with children over 10 only as she can be very bouncy when she’s excited and we have no history of her being with young children.  
She needs a very secure garden due to her bounciness and high jumps. She also needs a family who are happy to walk her as she is energetic. 
Roxy loves her humans, but at the same time is quite happy to be left for short periods either watching the world go by or having a quick nap in her bed. 
She loves snuggling up in bed, having a goodnight kiss, a night-time cuddle and then sleep. She’s happy to sleep anywhere in the house and, like us all, she enjoys a lie in. 
Standard information: 
Roxy is spayed and microchipped. She has started her vaccinations and is due her second jab on 22/07/22 - this will be covered by SSC, if not done before adoption. 
She is currently in foster in Wolverhampton but she can be rehomed anywhere in the UK, pending a successful home visit. However, any adopter should be willing to travel to meet her at least twice where she is at the moment. 
There is an adoption donation of £120 for Roxy and all money donated goes directly to helping all the Senior Staffies in our care. 
If you have a Roxy shaped space on your sofa and like Staffie snuggles, please complete an application form. 
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