SEX: Female 
AGE: 11 years old 
LOCATION: Stoke-On-Trent 
TEMPERAMENT: Friendly and exciteable girl 
CHILDREN: 14 years plus 
Ruth was in kennels when her owner sadly passed away.  
The kennels contacted Stafford Welfare who asked us to help find Ruth a home. However, we don’t have any more history on her. 
Ruth is a very friendly girl who enjoys having a fuss from everyone at kennels.  
She loves going for a walk and exploring her surroundings.  
Ruth is not overly interested in toys at the moment, but she will have a little play at times and does like to run around our paddock.  
She can get very excited at times and show some typical silly Staffy behaviours, but she is easily stopped.  
Her favourite thing is treats and she will bark at you to tell you to hurry up if you’re not fast enough dishing them out! 
Ruth walks well on the lead and doesn’t pull. Due to her arthritis, we are limiting her walks to 15 minutes twice a day. This may be increased as her mobility improves, but she'll most likely never need more than 30 minutes at most.  
Although Ruth has arthritis, she can still be strong when she sees something that interests her and she's not a dog that likes a slow walk, so she would need an owner that is able to handle her when she does get excited. 
She can bark when she sees other dogs, more so if they react to her first. When another dog barks at her she can at times redirect onto her lead and bite on it, though this does stop as you move her away from the other dog. 
Ruth has travelled with us in the van and is happy to get in and out. She travels well without any whining etc. 
During her recent trip to the vets, Ruth was very well behaved and let the vets examine her without any issues.  
She did become a bit stressed when the waiting room became busier and was very vocal. 
Health issues: 
Ruth had routine blood tests that all came back normal. Our vets think that she has some arthritis in all 4 limbs and we are working with them to find the right medication to keep her discomfort to a minimum. She has very recently started a combination of Gabapentin and Rimadyl. 
Ideal home: 
As we don’t have much about Ruth’s background, we’d like a home where someone is around for the majority of the time.  
As she can get a bit excited at times, any children would ned to be 14 years plus.  
Ruth can’t live with other dogs, cats or small furries 
Standard information: 
Ruth is fully vaccinated, spayed and microchipped.  
She is currently in kennels in Stoke-On-Trent, although she can be rehomed anywhere in the UK, pending a successful home visit. 
However, any adopter will have to be willing to travel to meet her at least twice in her current location. 
There is an adoption fee of £120 for Ruth, and all money donated goes directly to helping all the senior Staffies in our care. 
If you think you could be a match for Ruth, please click on the application form below. 
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