Tyson & Tinkerbell 

SEX: Tyson Male and Tinkerbell Female 
AGE: Tyson 8, Tinkerbell 7 
LOCATION: In Kennels in Stoke-On-Trent 
CHILDREN: 12 years plus 
To see more videos of Tyson & Tinks, please visit their playlist on YouTube by clicking below: 
Tyson and Tinkerbell came to SSC due to a change in their owners circumstances. 
Tyson and Tinkerbell are both very friendly, affectionate dogs. They enjoy snuggles, giving out kisses and love sitting in your lap.  
Both love playing with their toys - Tyson likes to rip his toys apart, whereas Tinkerbell is happy running around with her toy in her mouth and showing it off. They do like to play a good game of tug together too. 
They are both very energetic and bouncy, especially Tinkerbell, so we would be looking for a home with older children only. 
They are very definitely a bonded pair and they love spending time together.Tinkerbell can become stressed if she has to spend much time apart from Tyson. 
Both Tyson and Tinkerbell love going out for a walk. Tinkerbell walks beautifully, but Tyson can be quite strong on the lead at times. 
We have been told they are both (especially Tyson) reactive to other dogs. We haven’t seen this whilst in the kennel environment, but this is quite common, so any future owner should be prepared for both dogs to become reactive once settled in the home environment. 
Both Tyson and Tinkerbell travel well. They’ve been out with us in both the rescue van and on the backseat of the car and have been very settled with only the odd little whine. 
Both dogs are very well-behaved at the vets and all the vet staff have nothing but good things to say about them! 
Tyson and Tinkerbell have had a full examination and routine blood tests and have been given a clean bill of health. 
They are both taking YuMOVE as Tyson had an operation on his back leg when he was younger and it can at times be a bit sore. Also, Tinkerbell can limp if she runs around too much. 
Ideal home: 
Tinkerbell and Tyson need a pet-free home. 
Any children would need to be around 12 years plus due to their bouncy natures. 
They can be left alone for short periods of time (no longer than 4 hours). 
Standard information: 
Both dogs are microchipped, vaccinated and neutered. They are currently in kennels in Stoke-On-Trent, but they can be rehomed anywhere in the UK, pending a successful home visit. However, any adopter should be willing to travel to meet them at least twice where they are now. 
There is a non-refundable adoption donation of £180 for Tyson & Tinkerbell and all money donated goes directly to helping all the Senior Staffies in our care. 
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